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24/7 Security with CCTV systems to suit your economic needs

The increasing rate of crime all over the world had compelled people to search for a good quality security system for their home as well as business or professional establishments. Though various types of security systems are available in the Ghana market these days but CCTV security systems made by some reputed CCTV company are preferred the most in this regard.

CCTV can help to protect your staff and premises

Glatins has extensive experience in the design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of CCTV systems for businesses of all sizes nationwide.

CCTV cameras have become a key weapon in crime prevention, with their presence helping to reduce burglary, theft from vehicles, shoplifting and vandalism.

Digital recordings from CCTV systems can be used as evidence in police investigations and court, which may help to reduce the amount of time you have to spend dealing with the fallout from an incident at your premises.

Our goal is to do away with all this fear by staff and insecurity of property and the increase of theft regarding properties been stolen or tampered with without trace of evidence.

Prevent Employee Theft

Be able to have a useful piece of evidence when the need arises

Help law enforcement solve crime and track culprits

Secure and protect staff as one thing every one holds in high esteem.

Encourage good behavior of visitors and staff

Monitoring high-risk area especially after work.

Help the security do instant checks and surveillance at the entire building without necessarily walking around to be recognized by thieves which can even alert them to run