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Designed to meet naturally with any standard security panels to facilitate "perimeter security" within a total security package. The low current draw, 12 volt power input requirements, and advanced operational algorithm provide a stable addition to all security systems

However, even when installed as a "Stand Alone" operational package it is an awesome security instrument, and is especially efficient by keeping intruders out of your property before they can do any damage, and most of the time makes additional security devices redundant.


Adjustable Voltage Setting: 1,500 volts to 8,000 volts with a specific separate, and isolated output when the voltage drops past the pre-adjusted voltage level, it will alert the user to inspect and/or clean the fence before the voltage becomes ineffectual and therefore useless. This feature is unique to the Electric Fence monitor/sensor


Input Power Requirements: 12 to 24 volts DC

Power Usage: The input power usage is 0.25 watts

High Voltage Input Pulse: 200 volt to 25,000 volt

Pulse Width Accepted: 50 microseconds to 10 milliseconds

Pulse Period Accepted: 5 hertz to 0.5 hertz (5 pulses/sec to 2 seconds) between pulses

Maintenance Output: Contact closure rated 0.5 amps @ 60vdc and 100 vac (This is sufficient for most piezo sounders) Maintenance voltage level is variable from 1.5kv to 8kv input

Voltage Loss Output: When pulse voltage is less than 0.2kv Contact closure rated 0.5 amps 60vdc and 100 vac (most sirens and loud alarms will require a power contactor/relay to provide for sufficient current switching)

Automatic Reset: Both the "Weed Alert" and "Alarm" functions automatically reset when voltages are restored. For security purposes, a latching circuit or relay to maintain the alarm is recommended for some applications.


Green LED flashes for every high voltage pulse that is a higher voltage than the set-point or maintenance required voltage.

Yellow / Amber LED indicates that the high voltage pulse has dropped below the "set-point" voltage for a continuous 100 seconds, and your fence requires maintenance. Also the low voltage contacts will close. Clearing the grass and weeds from the fence usually clears this indication unless there is another problem.

Red LED indicates that there is a loss of voltage and immediate action should be taken to preserve the integrity of your fence and protect your property and stock.


The relay contacts are voltage isolated which provides versatility and will not interfere with other operational components.

terminals 1 & 2 are the "No Voltage" contacts and correspond to the RED indicator

terminals 3 & 4 are the "Low Voltage" contacts and correspond to the YELLOW indicator

Colourfence is made from Color bond steel, one of the most advanced steel Products in the world. Beneath the surface world leading technology is hard at work delivering long life anti-corrosion performance. First a base of Zincalume steel ensures outstanding anti-corrosion performance to which a conversion layer is applied to enhance coating adhesion. Then an epoxy primer is applied to the surface before a final durable exterior grade coloured top coat is baked on.

Terminals 5 & 6 are the power input has is to be connected to a power source of 12 to 24 volts DC. A 12 volt battery or AC adapter. Generally we advise to install with a 12 volt battery connected to a continuous charging or "smart" battery charger. This will provide protection and monitoring even during utility losses. A fully charged 12 volt- 7amp-hour battery will provide power for the unit in excess of 3 days before requiring recharging.

An Installation and operation instruction booklet are included with each sensor

A circuit layout is printed on the inside of the sensor cover.


This high voltage sensor takes an electric fence charger pulse and analyzes it for peak voltage, pulse width and period. The RG7781 can accurately measure voltage pulses from almost any fence charger or pulse source, including the spark voltage on a gasoline engine.

The design algorithm used in this device was determined for stability, longevity, and reliability under a wide set of usage parameters. (Patents applied and pending)

The green light will flash for every pulse that is higher than the maintenance voltage. The maintenance threshold voltage is set at 6kv at the factory.

This maintenance voltage setting is adjustable from 1.5kv to 8kv. If flora (grass, bushes, limbs, and leaves) partially load or partially short out the fence voltage and reduce the effective pulse voltage to below the adjustable maintenance level voltage set point, then the yellow LED will light and the maintenance contacts will close. The maintenance function has an approximate 100 second delay to avoid false alarms. If the grass or limb is blown off or removed and the charger pulse voltage is restored, then the maintenance alarm will reset itself and the maintenance contacts will open.

We just don’t install to protect and leave you to enjoy only but we move step ahead to ensuring that the fence wires when tampered with should raise an alarm with our loud siren to attract an immediate response from our affiliates security services and department.

Why not give it a try for us to sit and discus you need and design according to your expectation.