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Glatins Construction are expert Agents who go above and beyond the call of duty to understand and put our tenant’s needs and priorities first, we know just what it takes to develop relationships and build a strong client base.
We understand that buying, constructions or renting a property is not just a complex but a highly intimidating process for many clients. When a client chooses an agent to act on their behalf, they’re handing over a huge responsibility and entrusting complete faith in the agent. We at Glatins Constructions are not only aware of this responsibility but breathe it every day when acting on your behalf. Success is a team effort at Glatins and we place a premium on selecting who share the culture of continuous improvement and synchronicity. Glatins thrives in a collaborative environment in which skill sets, spheres of influence, accountability and open dialogue come together to serve the greater good of the client.
Selecting a professional Real Estate Agent who not only has a strong grip of the local real estate market but can also communicate with you in your preferred language is important to lower the stress and ensure you receive clear information during the transaction. We pride ourselves in having a diverse team of agents who come from various cultures At Glatins we love talking about all things Construction and look forward to hearing you out and providing you with real solutions.

About Us

Glatins constructions is a subsidiary of Glatins group. At Glatins we have taken much interest and have considered the pain of the system in Ghana in acquiring a property, an environment where acquiring a land, house, school or any kind of property either ends in scam or litigation, the few that can genuinely provide clients the service they deserve either give you cost that will take you your live savings to get to your dream, We at Glatins construction, we have several packages to meeting our clients and that is a priority we don’t bow to compromise. We are looking beyond the skies to our limitations.
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