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Whether you manage a major corporation or you’re just a parent concerned for the safety of your child, we have the security solutions you can put to real use in your daily life. At Glatins Professionals, we offer GPS Tracking Devices, Surveillance Equipment, security system Services and more.

GPS tracking devices are one of the most versatile security solutions available. We understand, however, that you probably have many questions about these systems. Can I keep up with my vehicle or fleet using GPS tracking? Will GPS track construction equipment and trailers? Will these devices work to locate my children or an elderly family member? What GPS tracking device should I use? Is GPS tracking affordable? These are probably just some of the questions you have. We’ll help you answer them all throughout our web site.

Knowing exactly where your vehicles, equipment, assets and family members are (or where they shouldn’t be) can be crucial to the profitability of your company, your employee’s safety or your family’s peace of mind. A GPS tracking device for a vehicle allows individual consumers and businesses to monitor a vehicle’s performance, its speed, its location and its daily starting and stopping times. It also allows you to locate your children or elderly family members within seconds. This can all be done through the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.For vehicles, other special features that could be monitored include important vehicle security functions such as door locks, ignition controls and airbag deployment. “Geo-fencing” capabilities can be set up for specified geographic boundary limitations for both people and your vehicles. If the boundaries are crossed, an alert can be sent to you courtesy of a GPS tracking device.

By using a GPS tracking device, businesses can keep up with their fleet of vehicles in real time by installing an “active” vehicle tracking solution. An active vehicle tracking (AVL) solution acquires GPS tracking information and reports the position of the vehicle wirelessly to a fleet management application.

With equipment and machinery, the GPS tracking locate abandoned, lost or stolen equipment, monitor equipment hours, verify equipment utilization, decrease equipment downtime and even increase your revenues.

Typically, GPS tracking devices let companies better manage business productivity, resulting in a return on the investment (ROI) far exceeding the cost of the system. They also give peace of mind to individuals concerned about their family members

We are Ghanaian-based Company that has made safeguarding our customers’ possessions and loved ones our mission. From our GPS tracking devices surveillance equipment or onsite security solutions, we are committed to doing the job right. Your peace of mind is our business.

For more information about our GPS tracking products, services or other security solutions we deliver, just click on the “Contact Us” link or call us Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. African time at +233264253525 We’re here to help answer your questions and ensure you have the products or services you need to feel secure.